Atina and the Val Di Comino

Come Discover Atina and Learn More About This Beautiful Area

From its hilltop position Atina has wonderful views over the beautiful Valle di Comino and across the valley there are scenic views of the peaks of the Monti della Meta and the National Park of Abruzzo. This whole area is one of outstanding natural beauty.

Aerial View of the Town of Atina Italy
The beautiful town of Atina in the Val di Comino, in Frosinone, consists of three main areas. At the highest point is the old historic centre ……..
Piazza Garibaldi in Atina Val di Comino Italy

Piazza Garibaldi is one of the main squares. Here is the gateway that leads into the historic centre, the Porta dell’Assunta, and the new fountain  ……..

Tower Palazzo Ducale of Atina Italy

The Dukes Palace or Palazzo Ducale was built by the feudal lord  Rostaino Cantelmo, the Duke of Alvito, following the earthquake that struck the area in 1349 ……..

Cathedral Santa Maria Assunta Atina Italy
The Cathedral stands in Piazza Marconi an is dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta. The first church was founded in the 11th century and was dedicated to San Giovanni Battista ………
Samnite Warriors Val di Comino
Atina has experienced an interesting and eventful history. The early history of the town is linked to ancient myths and legends. It is said to have been founded by the Roman god of Saturn ……..
Fagioli Cannelli DOP of Atina Italy

One of the most renowned products of the town are the Fagioli Cannellini DOP or Cannelli Beans. The white Cannellini beans, are unique to this specific area. For centuries these beans …….

Grape Vines Atina Cabernet Doc Italy
The Cabernet Atina DOC is a certified with the designation of origin. During the 18th century Pasquale Visocchi experimented by planted French vines in this area, and founded the  ……..
Typical Local Costume of Atina Italy
The typical ancient form of footwear of this area was le cioce. It is a type of open sandal with a curiously shaped curved toe and is thought to date back to the Etruscans ……..
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