Photos of Atina in Black and White

Thank you to the following photographers for so kindly sharing their beautiful black and white photos of Atina on this site:

Italo Caira, Mirko Macari, Giuseppe Massa and Rox De Luca.

View of Atina in the Val di Comino  © Giuseppe Massa

Cathedral and Archbishops Palace of Atina

Arches of the Archbishops Palace of Atina

Cathedral and Palazzo Ducale  © Mirko Macari

Cats Near The Cathedral © Italo Caira

Facade of the Palazzo Ducale © Italo Caira

Palazzo Ducale and Palazzo Marrazza © Italo Caira

Fountain in Piazza Garibaldi © Italo Caira

Fountain in Piazza Garibaldi © Italo Caira

Pyramid Cover of the Roman Water Cistern © Italo Caira

Festival Illuminations Piazza Garibaldi © Italo Caira

Piazza Garibaldi © Italo Caira

Piazza Garibaldi From Arches of Convent © Italo Caira

Atina Alley © Italo Caira

House in Via Dolabella © Italo Caira

Atina Narrow Street © Italo Caira

Courtyard of the Palazzo Ducale © Italo Caira

Portico Convent San Francesco © Italo Caira

 Coat of Arms Above an Atina Doorway

Old Atina Doorway

Portico of Atina’s Archbishops Palace

Via della Discesa Chiesa © Italo Caira

Piazza Garibaldi Atina © Italo Caira

Wrought Iron Decoration on Old Atina Doorway

Atina Roof-tops © Rox De Luca

Atina Alley © Rox De Luca

Atina Pigeons © Rox De Luca

Church of San Marciano in Ponte Melfa Atina © Italo Caira

Rivers Melfa and Mollinaro in Ponte Melfa © Italo Caira

Viale della Cartiera © Italo Caira

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