Atina in Frosinone Italy

The Town of Atina in The Val di Comino

The beautiful town of Atina in the Val di Comino, in Frosinone, consists of three main areas. Firstly there is the old historic centre of the town. This is known as the centro storico or Atina Superiore. In 1349 a devastating earthquake destroyed the town. A new town was built on the remains of a former Roman settlement. A fortified palace, the Palazzo Ducale, was built by Rostaino Cantelmo, Duke of Alvito, at the highest point of the new town.

The Medieval town was protected by formidable walls which had three access gateways. Firstly Porta San Rocco which is now known as Porta Assunta. Second was the Porta della Fontana and the third was the Porta Santa Maria.  Each of the gates was protected by a tower. The Porta Santa Maria is the only original gate that can be seen today.

Aerial View of the town of Atina
photo – Archivio Biblioteca di Atina
An Aerial View of Atina
photo – Archivio Biblioteca di Atina
An Aerial View of Atina
photo – Archivio Biblioteca di Atina

The Porta Santa Maria

Porta Santa Maria Atina
Porta Santa Maria in Atina

As the population grew in size the town began to extend out beyond the constraints of the medieval walls.

Il Colle

Outside of the old town, to the east and a little downhill,  there is the district known as Il Colle. This was built on the hill of Santa Croce.

Santa Croce in Il Colle in Atina Italy
photo © Brigida Varley

Santa Croce in Il Colle in Atina Italy
photo © Italo Caira

Ponte Melfa

Lower down on the valley floor is the newer community which is known as Ponte Melfa or Atina Inferiore.

Ponte Melfa in Atina Italy
photo © Italo Caira

Ponte Melfa in Atina Italy
photo © Italo Caira

Currently Atina has a population of approximately 2550 people and the local inhabitants are known as Atinati. Many local people still speak in the Atinese dialect. The local economy is mainly based on agriculture however in recent years there has been some tourism developing in the area.

Atina Italy

The territory of Atina also includes the villages of:

Agnerone, Cancello, Capo di China, Case di Melfa, Casino Pica, Colle Alto, Duca, I Caira, Le Sode, Mola di Capitolo, Nardelli, Pie’ della Piagge, Pozzello, Residence Valcomino, Rosanisco, Sabina, San Lorenzo, San Michele, Sangalione, Settignano, Sode and Spineto.

How to Get to Atina

Distance From Airports to Atina

From Rome Fiumicino (Leonardo da Vinci): 147 km

From Rome Ciampino: 116 km

From Naples Capodichino: 112 km

Directions When Arriving By Car

From Rome:

Take the A1 Autostrada to Ferrentino, then the Superstrada to Sora and then join the Superstrada that takes you to Atina (approx 135 km)

From Naples:

Take the A1 Autostrada to Cassino, then join the Superstrada to Atina (approx 110 km)

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