The Bears of Campoli Appennino

Campoli Appenino’s karst doline, the Tomolo,  has in recent years been transformed into a magnificent natural park of ​​approximately 15 hectares of woodland. This has become the habitat of a group of Brown Marsican Bears. A wildlife area of this size and located in a village center is an almost unique example of its kind.

The sanctuary was built to house bears who were no longer able to live in freedom. Some were hand reared after their mother was killed in the Trentino region. One came from a zoo in Palermo Sicily and another from a Visitor Center in Pescasseroli. The bears have been welcomed and adopted by the local people who have given them names.

It is possible to look down at their enclosure from Campoli’s Piazza Umberto I, and along a path encircling their compound you can observe the bears. There are guided tours (by appointment). In the historic center there is an interesting exhibition and visitor centre where you can learn more about the bears, their habitat, customs, nutrition and hibernation.

Sadly the Marsican bear, the largest carnivore in Europe, was almost exterminated.  However in nature reserves the bear has managed to survive and is a now a protected species.

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