Belmonte Castello in the Val di Comino Italy © Louise Shapcott

photo © Louise Shapcott

Belmonte Castello in The Val di Comino

Belmonte Castello is located in a narrow valley between the large town of Cassino and the Val di Comino. The picturesque little village stands on a rocky outcrop, at a height of 369 metres above sea level, and has wonderful views of the valley and towards the plain of Cassino and surrounding mountains. Belmonte is overlooked by the Monte Cairo (1,669 metres) with its dense forests, and Monte Morrone (1,059 metres).

The territory of Belmonte Castello includes scattered houses in the hamlets of Capo di China, Capo di Valle, Capodivalle, Cesa, Collemarone, Fontana, Scarpatosa, Spetin, Torno and Vaccareccia. The current population is approximately 800 and the local people are known as Belmontesi.

There are numerous footpaths through the tranquil wooded slopes of Monte Cairo, where  mushrooms and wild asparagus grow.

Near to Belmonte Castello a natural phenomenon has formed two gaping chasms in the limestone rocks, through which a cold current of air blows, caused by the flow of underground streams.  The crater at Capodivalle is  130 metres deep and another at Vaccareccia measures 110 metres. 


My sincere thanks to Philippe Brolet, Tonino Bernardelli and Domenico Capodanno

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