Church of Santi Giovanni Battista e Evangelista Casalvieri Italy © Emilia Trovini

photo © Emilia Trovini

Churches of Casalvieri

 Church of Saints Giovanni Battista and Evangelista

The Church of Santi Giovanni Battista, Evangelista e Nicola dates from the Medieval ages but has been restructured many times over the ages.   The current 18th century building is an imposing structure which dominates the town’s skyline for afar. This was designed by Giacomo Del Sole. It has a fine Baroque façadewith two niches which hold statues of the saints and a small bell tower.  Inside the church there are several notable 18th century paintings and two carved wooden statues representing two the two virtues. There is also some decorative woodwork such as the compass, the choir, the organ and sacristy.


Sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Rose in Rosselli

The ancient Sanctuary of Santa Maria delle Rose is located on a hill in the Rosselli district. The existing church was built in 1636, replacing a chapel that had been built on the site where a young mute shepherdess saw an apparition of the Madonna in a rose garden. The church has a decorative 17th century façade Originally, the church had a single nave with six side chapels, but two side aisles were added at the end of the 19th century. Inside there are two wooden sculptures of the Neapolitan school: a mid 17th century Crucifix and an 18th century  statue of the Annunciation.


Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie e San Pietro in Purgatorio


Church of San Giacomo Apostolo in Sorrelle 

The Church of San Giacomo Apostolo is located in the Sorelle district of Casalvieri and dates from the late 18th century. The date 1775 is engraved on the architrave of the doorway. The same inscription informs us that it was built on the occasion of the Jubilee of that year. According to tradition it was built at the expense of two sisters of the district, probably of the Paolini family. This would also explain the curious name of the hamlet. Each year on the Feast day of San Giacomo (25th July) an important fair of agricultural and livestock products was held every year.


Church of  Sant’Antonio Abate in Collefosse


Church of Sant’Antonio di Padova in Casal delle Mole

The small Church of Sant’Antonio di Padova is located in the Casal delle Mole district of Casalvieri. It is opened on the Feast of Sant’Antonio the 13th June.  Up until the 1960’s, each year on the occasion of the feast a livestock and agricultural fair was held near the village square. The small neoclassical church is located along the road that leads to Casalattico. 


Church of Santa Maria di Loreto in Frittata

The small rural church of Santa Maria di Loretois located in the hamlet of Frittata. Inside there is the statue of the Madonna di Loreto who’s feast day is celebrated in August, during which the Festival of the Frittata is held.


Church of San Giovanni in Pietà

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