The Chapel of San Rocco in Atina Italy

photo © Louise Shapcott

The Chapel of San Rocco

The first Church of San Rocco was built at the end of 1495 outside of the town walls, by the provost Marcantonio Papa. It was given its own brotherhood. In 1502 it was adorned with beautiful frescoes, however later the church fell into considerable disrepair. In 1648 the Sabatini family built a grand new Palace in Via San Nicola and the church was incorporated into this building. In 1722 a small orchard behind the church was owned by three priests, Francesco Antonio, Gio Antonio and Carlo Sabatini. In 1880 the building was demolished and a new palazzo, baroque in style, was constructed in its place. The church of San Rocco was reduced in size and finally converted into a small chapel. The chapel is now privately owned and only open on special occasions. The Feast of San Rocco falls on the 16th August.

Nearby in Largo San Rocco is Atina’s War Memorial and some steps that lead up to the Hill of Santo Stefano

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