Chestnut Woods of Terelle in the Val di Comino Italy © Italo Caira

photo © Italo Caira

The Chestnuts of Terelle

Terelle’s magnificient chestnut woods are said to be the most beautiful in all of Lazio. The  “Castagnito” of Terelle was first mentioned in the 1500’s, when the chestnuts were sold in the markets of San Gennaro in Cassino, Atina and Roccasecca. Today, the largest of the noble trees measure in excess of 12 metres in diameter. The chestnuts are ripe and ready for harvesting from the end of October. During this period the woods are busy with people collecting them.  There are three varieties: the Primutica – large and light brown, the small Pelosella – dark brown and finally the reddish and small-sized Pizzutella. They are recognized as an authentic product of Lazio DOC, Denominazione di origine controllata. 

Terelle’s Chestnut Festival / Sagra delle Castagne

On the second Sunday of November a well-known Chestnut Festival takes place in Terelle, in the main square. Here there is the opportunity to eat the local roasted chestnuts, dishes, desserts and cakes made of them. There are food stands selling other local products where you can sample other such delicacies such as wild boar, local hams, sausages, cheeses, bread, polenta, fagioli bottoncini beans, mushrooms, truffles and Cesanese wine. It is also a celebration of local tradition and music.


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