Church of San Nicola in Atina Italy

photo © Louise Shapcott

More Churches of Atina


The Church of San Nicola

This church was first documented in a Diploma  of  Innocent III, who was pope from 1198 until his death in 1216. This gives the church’s name as San Nicola in Foresta, or St Nicholas in the Forest.  In 1601 the canon Domenico Leonardo restored the building. This place of worship is rather small and rectangular in shape. Inside on the back wall there is a fresco depicting San Nicola.  The building is now privately owned.


The Church of San Silvestro

The first church was erected on the site of an ancient temple dedicated to the goddess Diana. It was built by the Roman emperor Hadrian, who ruled from 117 AD to 138 AD. In 627 the church was dedicated to San Silvestro by the bishop Gaudenzio. It was built once again in 1056 and restored in 1312. The church was restructured several times over the years however it eventually was left abandoned.


The Church of San Carlo

The Church of San Carlo used to stand just inside the Porta Dell’Assunta. It was built between 626 and 647 by Bishop Gaudenzio and was dedicated to Santo Stefano. In 1208 it was renamed as Santa Croce della Città, granted by Innocenzo III. In 1274 it was restored by the Cicchillo family of Atina.  At the beginning of the XVII century, under the proposal of Giovanni Bernardino Mancini, it was renewed by Nicola Simonelli who founded the Confraternity of San Carlo. The building was destroyed by the bombing of Atina in the Second World War.


The Church of Sant’Antonio di Padua

In 1672, in the last Will and Testament of the canon Giovani Battista Palombo, provision was made for the construction of the Church of Sant’Antonio di Padua.  Sadly this edifice was also destroyed during the bombing of Atina in 1944.


The Church of the Madonna di Costantinopoli

This was built in 1604. It was destroyed in the bombing of Atina in November 1943.

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