Church of Santa Maria Assunta & San Marco in Atina Italy

The Church of Santa Maria & Chapel of San Marco 


The first church of Santa Maria was built in Atina in 1044 on what is thought to have been the site of a Roman temple dedicated to Saturn.  The Chapel of San Marco was added in 1046, attached to the church of Santa Maria, to hold the relics of San Marco Galileo.

The Collegiate Church of Santa Maria was destroyed in the earthquake of 1231, however it was rebuilt several times over the centuries.  Major reconstruction work was carried out between 1756 to 1762.

Plans for the Church of San Maria in Atina - Archivio Biblioteca di Atina
Plans for the Church of San Maria in Atina - Archivio Biblioteca di Atina

The church suffered considerable damage during the earthquake of 1873.

The Bombing of Atina During The Second World War

On the 4th November 1943, during the Second World War, the Collegiata of Santa Maria and San Marco was severely damaged during the heavy bombing of Atina.  Sadly this was never to be repaired.

Ruins of the Church of Santa Maria & San Marco in Atina -Archivio Biblioteca di Atina

However, some frescoes from the church have been preserved. One  depicts The Madonna and child with San Marco, and dates from the 14th century.  There are also some frescoes which depict Medieval court scenes which date from the 15th century. These are now housed in Atina’s Palazzo Ducale.

The Ruins

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