Churches of Campoli Appennino

Church of Sant’Andrea Apostolo

The Church of Sant’Andrea Apostolo, is of medieval origin, and was originally dedicated to San Giovanni Aposotolo. Over the passage of time the church has been enlarged and renovated several times. The interior has a single nave with ten side chapels with rounded vaults. The decoration is in a classic 18th century Baroque style. The 18th century high altar is adorned with the central painting of the Assumption of Mary, flanked by the reliquary busts of Sant’Andrea and San Giacomo Apostolo. There are some beautiful paintings of the same period and examples of ornate stucco work. One painting representing San Felice Martire, painted at the beginning of the 19th century, presents an image of the town of Campoli during the 17th century.  There are also a number frescos by the Biancale brothers of Sora (1921). It also has a 17th century pipe organ, the baptistery sculpted by Pietro Marcilli (1844) and two fonts for holy water (1613). The characteristic Venetian-style floor, made with brightly coloured stones, is known as the Breccia of Campoli and dates back to 1881.  The building was severely damaged by the violent earthquake of 1915.

Church of San Salvatore

Church of San Salvatore in Campoli Appennino FR Italy

Church of San Pancrazio Martire

The Church of San Pancrazio is situated about a kilometer from the town. In 1521 some of the townspeople of Campoli  built a little chapel and dedicated it to San Pancrazio following an apparition of the martyr to a shepherdess. This shrine was looked after by a Benedictine hermit. In 1594 the hermitage was converted into a church, the new construction being completed in 1599. It contains a beautiful wooden statue, a valuable work of art by the sculptor Francesco Verzella (1804) which rests on a golden pedestal decorated with a pair of angels, sculpted by the same artist (1820). The altar was erected in 1907 by Giuseppe Policella and above this there is a beautiful 17th century  painting depicting the Martyrdom of San Pancrazio and San DionisioSan Pancrazio is the patron saint of the town and his feast is celebrated each year on the 12th  May.

Church of Santa Maria Ribiconda

In the hamlet of Costa, stands this small privately owned church of the Preziosi family. The rural church was documented in 1274 when it bore the title of “Santa Maria Radiconda“. In 1748 it was rededicated to Santa Maria Ribiconda, at that time it belonged to the Marra family of Sora. It then fell into a grave state of disrepair so the subsequent owners rebuilt the church and returned it to worship in 1852, as indicated by the inscription above the entrance.

Inside there is a small niche with a fresco of the Madonna with Child and on the back wall there is another fresco of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, depicting a Madonna being crowned by two angels. The bell bears the date of 1856. The church is open only on the eve and during the day of the feast of the Assumption.

Church of the Madonna delle Cese

The Church of the Madonna delle Cese was probably built in the mid 16th century by the Talone family. Over the years, the church has been handed over to various families (Salvucci, Cirelli, Scaramucci and Caringi).

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