Church of San Giovanni Battista ed Evangelista in Pescosolido Italy  © Louise Shapcott

photo © Louise Shapcott

Churches of Pescosolido

Church of San Giovanni Battista e Evangelista

The ancient church of San Giovanni Battista e Evangelista is approached by a double sided stone staircase which leads up from Via Umberto I to the high platform on which it sits. This ancient church has been damaged and rebuilt several times over the centuries. The building we see today is of the late baroque period. The interior, in the shape of a Latin cross, features frescoes and mosaics by contemporary artists. These depict scenes from the life of the two patron saints, local saints and local history. Some valuable paintings are also preserved: one from 1778 attributed to Gaspare Capricci representing The Baptism of Christ and another, attributed to the circle of Marco Mazzaroppi, from the end of the sixteenth century beginning of the Six, representing The Madonna del Rosario. The most characteristic architectural aspect of this church, in addition to the local stone facade, is the large staircase in front of it.

Church of the Santissima Annunziata

The Chiesa della Santissima Annunziata is located in the main street of Via Umberto I.

Church of San Rocco of Montpelier 

The Chiesa di San Rocco is located in Largo Vescovo Ruggieri. It was built outside the old town walls near the Church of Santa Degna. A hospital was built next to it both for the Community and for travelers and pilgrims in need of care. When the Church of Santa Degna passed to the Carmelite Fathers of  Isola del Liri and was later demolished, the church remained isolated in the large square. The façade of the Church of San Rocco is divided by a brick cornice, and the portal is adorned with a pointed arch and flanked by two narrow windows and high windows.  At the top there is a circular window surmounted by a mullioned window. The interior has a very basic nave, simply decorated with a statue of San Rocco located above the altar.

Church of San Rocco in Pescosolido FR Italy © Louise Shapcott

Church of The Madonna della Neve 

The Chiesa della Madonna della Neve has some frescoes, thought to be pre-Romanesque.

Church of San Pantaleone

The Chiesa di San Pantaleone has some frescoes dating back to the 12th or 13th centuries.


Church of Maria Santissima di Pompeii

The Chiesa di Maria Santissima di Pompeii in located in the Forcella district of Pescosolido.

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