Churches of San Donato Val di Comino

 The Sanctuary of San Donato

In the medieval centre is the Sanctuary of San Donato. This was first documented in 778 and was described as being a small Benedictine abbey. It has been restructured and enlarged over the centuries. In the 1780 the church was renovated in the ornate Baroque style that we see today. The interior has three naves and it houses several impressive paintings and some 18th century frescoes by Gaspare Capricci. 


Cathedral of Santa Maria and San Marcello

The Cathedral of Santa Maria and San Marcello was founded in the 14th century. In the 18th century the structure was enlarged and remodeled in a Baroque style. The duomo houses an intricate wooden choir and an excellent pipe organ made by Cesare Catarinozzi of Subiaco. Below the altar an urn contains the relics of Santa Costanza, the co-patron of San Donato. Her feast is celebrated each year at the end of August.


Other Churches of San Donato

Other churches in the town include the Chiesa della Madonna del Carmine e Sant’Antonio, the Franciscan Convent (14th century),  the Chiesa di San Rocco, the Chiesa della Cappelletta, the  Chiesa della Serola and the Chiesa del Divino Amore. 

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