Feast Days Festivals and Events of San Biagio Saracinisco

3rd February – Feast of San Biagio the Patron Saint of the town

8th August – Sagra del Frattaccio in the Historic Centre with folk music, dancing and fireworks.

August – Festa dei Emigrati

21st August – Procession from the Church of San Biagio to the Chapel of the Madonna di Canneto

First Sunday of September – Celebration of the miraculous end of a drought, said to have been due to San Biagio. 


Local Traditions

Traditonally on Easter Monday a large omelette was made in the Fontana district  and the people played  “blind man’s bluff”.

To celebrate the Feast of San Michele a big bonfire known as a fanone was set up near Piazza Croce around which the pious women of the village would recite a thousand Ave Maria’s.

At Christmas there would be celebrations when the zampogna players from San Biagio Saracinisco returned home from playing the Novenas in nearby villages. The festivities would include music, singing and pancakes.

On the last day of the year an effigy depicting an old witch was burnt on a big bonfire.


Traditional Dishes

Tordiglione” – Green Polenta with Pork Liver and Vegetable Sausages.

Abbuoto” — Rolls of Lambs Entrails.

Canescioni – Pasties with a filling of  Sausage, Egg and Pecorino Cheese

Sagne e Patate” – Handmade Pasta, made with just flour and water, and potatoes

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