Feast of San Gerardo in Gallinaro Italy © Italo Caira

photo © Italo Caira

Gallinaro Feast Days Festivals and Events

Easter Monday – Pilgrims flock to the Sanctuary of San Gerardo

13th June – Sant’Antonio di Padova

11th August – Feast of San Gerardo

10th August, on the feast of San Lorenzo, pilgrims from Scanno arrive. Scanno is approximately 60 km away, high in the Abruzzi mountains. For over 800 years pilgrims have come to Gallinaro to reclaim the saint they believe is theirs, since he lived his life in Scanno and was only passing though Gallinaro when he died. On the 11th August pilgrims from Minturno, Ceprano and Santo Padre as well those from Scanno join together with the local people to form a procession where the Statue of the saint is carried through the streets.  The day culminates with a firework display at midnight.

August – Sagra del Vino

This celebrates the production of the fine local Cabernet wine and other local produce.


The Feast of San Gerardo – Patron Saint of Gallinaro


Local Traditional Costume

During the Feast Day some of the local people dress up in the traditional costume of the area.

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