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Gallinaro in The Val di Comino

Gallinaro is positioned on a hilly ridge, at a height of 558 metres, almost in the centre of the Val di Comino. It is surrounded by the greenery of the countryside and has magnificent mountain views. The territory of Gallinaro is made up of a cluster of hills namely Colle Pistillo,  Colle Parto, Colle Sgaglioffa, Colle Ippolito, Colle Capoccia and  Colle Maggio.

The town has developed over two hills that have become joined together as the settlement expanded in size.   The oldest section developed in the highest part of the town, around the ancient castle. Much of the castle has over the centuries been incorporated into the Church of San Giovanni e Evangelista.  From here the town spreads downwards and there are many quaint little alleyways to explore along the way.


Photo Tour of The Old Town

The Town Hall and Piazza Santa Maria 

In Piazza Santa Maria stands the Town Hall or Comune. Closeby is Gallinaro’s War Memorial.


My sincere thanks to the following photographers for kindly sharing their photos for these pages about Gallinaro:

Lauro Apruzzese, Italo Caira and Tonino Bernardelli.

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