Lago Cardito San Biagio Saracinisco Italy © Louise Shapcott

photo © Louise Shapcott

The Lake of Lago Cardito in San Biagio Saracinisco

Between San Biagio Saracinisco and Vallerotonda is the lake of Lago Cardito (sometimes known as Lago Selva). It is flanked by the State Road 627 which connects the Val di Comino with the Volturno valley.

The lake is of artificial origin, located at approximately 1000 meters above sea level. It collects water flowing down from the surrounding mountains.  During the 1960’s some of the local natural watercourses were redirected and the reservoir was constructed to serve hydroelectric power plants.

The basin is surrounded by the beautiful landscape of mountain-sides clad in forests of pines, firs and oaks. The lake is also fed by numerous local springs and the water is deep and crystal clear. The lake takes on a beautiful turquoise hue. It is popular location for people trying to escape the summer heat as here the air remains fresh and cool. There are picnic areas and a campsite. The lake is also popular with fishermen being stocked with carp, tench, perch, chub and brown trout.

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