Chapel of the Madonna delle Grazie in Atina © Louise Shapcott

photo © Louise Shapcott

The Chapel of the Madonna delle Grazie

The Chapel or Cappella of the Madonna delle Grazie is located in Viale Amerigo Vecchione, close to the Convent of San Francesco. The original chapel was built by Canon Leonardo Manci in 1601, according to the instructions in the last will and testament of Benedetto Galeoto. This was during the time of the prefect Bernardo Mancini (1601-1636). The ownership of the church passed to the Elia family. The chapel was badly damaged during the earthquake of 1915. In 1917 the building was demolished, except for the remaining sacristry. This was later converted into the present chapel by the Elia family and is still privately owned and not generally open to the public except for special festive occasions.

Above the entrance door, made of wood and wrought iron, there is a decorative ceramic lunette by the artist Enrico Todisco of Cevaro. The chapel houses three ancient wooden statues, one is the 17th century Madonna delle Grazie, another is San Michele Arcangelo and finally that of Santo Stefano.  The Feast of the Madonna delle Grazie is celebrated on the 12th July.

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