Market Stalls Outside the Palazzo Ducale of Atina © Italo Caira

photo © Italo Caira

Market Day in Atina

Each Monday is market day in Atina. This weekly event has been held since time immemorial. The town is transformed into a colourful bustling market place. The large sprawling market stretches throughout the centre of the town. Local growers and farmers arrive early bringing their freshly grown produce to sell.  Each stall holder has their regular pitch. The fruit and vegetable section of the market is mainly held in Piazza Marconi, Piazza Veroli and Piazza Saturno. Depending on the time of year the stalls are laden with all types of colourful vegetables, fruits, legumes, herbs and mushrooms.  

There are always several delicatessen vans selling tempting gastronomic deights.  These include a tasty selection of breads and biscuits, cheeses, salami, cooked and cured meats, olives, sundried tomatoes, lupini, capers, anchovies, dried salted cod, and pickled vegetables, olive oil and vinegars.  All absolutely delicious.

In Piazza Garibaldi and  Via Amerigo Vecchione there are many more stalls. There is sometimes a stall which sells eggs, live rabbits, chickens, ducks, plus other birds and pets. Another sells seeds, seedlings of lettuces and vegetables ready to plant in the orto, potted flowers, plants, shrubs and fruit trees. Then there are a whole range of other stalls selling an array of wares such as cooking utensils, clothes, shoes, handbags etc.

My sincere thanks to all the photographers who have so kindly agreed to share their beautiful photos of Atina:

Italo Caira, Philippe Brolet, Eugenio E Frederick, Sandra Visocchi and Giuseppe Massa

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