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From Montattico a road climbs a tortuous route to a tiny backwater, the small hamlet of Monforte located at a height of 540 metres at the foot of Monte Silara.  This village was once known as Mortale.  Many of its citizens, due to extreme poverty, were forced to leave their homeland in search of work overseas, many settled in Scotland, Ireland and England.

In recent years the name of the village was changed in honour of Lord Charles Forte, a renowned British entrepreneur, caterer and hotelier who was born here in 1908.  In 1911 he and his poor peasant family emigrated to Scotland to work in the ice-cream and confectionery trade. Charles went on to establish a huge business empire.  He always had a sincere affection for his humble place of birth and would often return there and restored the family house.

As you arrive in Monforte there is an area called Piazza dei Pozzi. It takes its name from the many wells which were located nearby to collect rainwater. These wells were once of vital importance, and ensured continuous water supply in a place devoid of natural springs.

The parish church of Monforte is dedicated to Sant’ Antonio di Padova.

Just outside of the village there is a shrine with a statue of the Madonna.

From 1942 to 1944 a company run by Guglielmo Visocchi and Loreto Marrazzathere was Manganese had a mine located near to Mortale.


Photos of the Village of Monforte

Church of Sant’Antonio

The small Church of Sant’Antonio dates from the 19th century.

Views From Monforte

Feast Days, Festivals and Events of Monforte

Monforte’s Feast Days, Festivals and Events include:

Festa di Sant’Antonio di Padova – 13th June

Festa della Madonna del Carmine – Second Sunday of October

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