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The small town of Pescosolido is a small mountain town in the province of Frosinone. is situated at a height of 630 metres above sea level, on the slopes of a long limestone massif, the small mountain chain of Serra Lunga. The highest peaks are Monte Cornacchia, which measures 2002 metres,  Monte Macerone (1830 metres) Monte Le Scalelle (1893), Monte Brecciosa (1865), Punta Cardicola (1800 metres) and Punta Calcatora (1530 metres). 

Pescosolido extends between the Valle del Liri and Val di Comino. The territory includes ten hamlets: Forcella, Viapiana, Colledardo, Roscetta, Vallegammeri, Casarone, Bagnoli, Valpara and Vallefredda.

The name Pescosolido is derived from ancient words of the Oscan language “pesclum” (rock), solidum” (solid) with reference to the high, steep mountains in the territory.


The Present Town

Little remains of the historic centre which was almost totally destroyed during the huge earthquake of 1915 that decimated the town. One old gateway survives, named Porta Cosarda. A double stairway leads up to the main parish church of San Giovanni from which you can see the layout of the new town.



The Surrounding Landscape

The territory of Pescosolido is rich in greenery and dominated by the surrounding mountains. The landscape is varied with many trails to explore. Campo di Grano (1714 metres) is a wide plain framed on one side by the Cornacchia and on the other by the Balzo di Ciotto mountains. Here there is rich pasture land and meadows. In the Vallone San Pietro there are many fresh water springs. In the Vallone Lacerno there is a beautiful wild canyon.



Local Produce of Pescosolido

Typical local produce of Pescosolido includes red and white wine, olives, olive oil and honey.

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