Atina By Night Festival Lights © Louise Shapcott

photo © Louise Shapcott

Photo Gallery of Atina By Night

The small town of Atina is just as beautiful by night as it is by day, especially in the summer evenings when you can passeggiata around the town and enjoy the cooling mountain breezes. During feast days, festivals and at Christmas-time the streets are made even more beautiful, being decorated with colourful illuminations.

Thank you to the following photographers for so kindly sharing their beautiful night-time photos of Atina on this page:

Italo Caira, Brigida Varley, Philippe Brolet, Eugenio Emilio Frederick, Christine Tayor, Mirko Macari, Gianpiero Vassalli, Sandra Visocchi, B&B Posta Vecchia 13 and Rox De Luca.

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