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Churches of Picinisco

Church of San Rocco

In the square of Piazza Ernesto Cappoci is the Church of San Rocco. On this spot, before 1533,  there had been a church dedicated to San Carlo Borromeo. Subsequently, it was re-named as the “Madonna delle Grazie”. Finally in 1820, after major restoration work, the church was re-dedicated to San Rocco. The structure was severely damaged by the earthquake of 1984.  It was closed for many years but was eventually restored and re-opened for worship in 2006. 


Church of San Lorenzo

The Church of San Lorenzo Levita e Martire is located in Via Giustino Ferri. It was originally founded in 1305 and has been enlarged and restored many times over the years.  The present edifice dates from the Baroque period of the 18th century. The 11th century stone bell tower was once a watch tower for the town, before being incorporated into the structure of the church. The church interior has three naves and a pipe organ dating from 1739, built by the Catarinozzi family. In 1928 the interior of the dome and the church vaults were decorated with frescoes depicting San Lorenzo.  The church was severely damaged in the earthquake of 1984 and remained closed for a period of twenty years. It has since undergone restoration.


Ruined Church of San Nicola di Bari


Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Cielo

Just outside of Picinisco, on the valley floor, is the Cemetery and the Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Cielo. This is believed to have been built on the remains of a Roman temple.


Other churches in the environs of  Picinisco include the Madonna di Costantinopoli, San Pietro, San Gennaro, San Giuseppe and  Santa Giusta in the Antica district. There is also the Cappella della Madonna di Canneto.

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