Ponte Melfa Atina in the Val Di Comino Italy © Italo Caira

photo © Italo Caira

Ponte Melfa

View of Ponte Melfa Atina & Val di Comino © Louise Shapcott
View of Ponte Melfa Atina & Val di Comino © Louise Shapcott

Lower down on the valley floor is the newer sprawling community which is known as Ponte Melfa or Atina Inferiore. It takes its name from the bridge that crosses the rivers Melfa and Mollarino.  This area saw much development in the post-war years.  It has steadily grown in size and is now the commercial centre of the Val di Comino and hosts the important political and administrative headquarters of the Valley. It is home to many businesses, small and medium industries, and has a good range of shops and supermarkets. 

There are various sports facilities at the University of Cassino & Southern Lazio’s sport centre. These include  athletics, volleyball basketball, football, tennis, climbing and swimming.

There is also the equestrian centre of the Associazione Ippica Atina which hosts the Fieracavalli Summer Tour festival, competitions and events such horse jumping and dressage.

Ponte Melfa is also home to the art museum – Museo Académie Vitti

There are two churches, the ancient church of San Marciano and the newer Church of Santa Scolastica in Via Munanzio Planco.

Along Viale della Cartiera are the ruins of the old Cartriera or Paper Factory that was run by the Visocchi family of Atina, and in its day gave employment to many of Atina citizens.


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