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Roman Archaeology Site of San Nazario

The Roman Archaeology Site of San Nazario is situated next to the Church of San Nazario. Close to the district of San Nazario there was a Roman bridge called the Ponte del Corno which dated from II – I century BC. It connected a road that ran from Atina to the northern part of the territory, the villages of Montattico and Mortale (Monforte). There were several funeral monuments that lined the main thoroughfares and many other architectural fragments have been found nearby.

The Roman artifacts at the archaeological site relate to a temple that was situated in this district which was dedicated to the Lares deities, who were guardians of the home and fields.

There is a decorative cornice and Doric frieze, that shows a boy driving a hoop – a typical Greek-Roman motif. These articles date from the end of the Roman Republic to the First Empire.

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