San Donato Feast Days Festivals and Events

The Feast of San Donato 

6th / 8th August – Festa di San Donato Vescovo e Martire – Solemn procession, corteo storico, sport races, fireworks.


Feast of Santa Costanza

Saint Constance is the co-patron of San Donato.  She was a courageous young woman who was martyred for defending her faith.  In 1756, the saint’s remains were brought to San Donato for safe-keeping.  During this ancient festival there is a night vigil and a procession in which the saint’s statue is carried through the streets by 12 young men dressed as pages in colourful 18th century costumes. Santa Costanza is the patron saint of young people and of  spinsters, who in the past were traditionally nicknamed as cipolle “onions”.  Traditional dishes are served based on onions such as the cipollata made of onions cheese and eggs.


The Mercatino di Santa Costanza

This is a traditional market that has been held annually since the 1700’s. Traditionally children were given a terracotta money box to encourage them to save up their pocket money throughout the year. On the feast day the money boxes were smashed and at the market the children were able to buy whistles, small toys, miniature pots and pans – all items made of terracotta. New money boxes were bought for the children to save up their funds for the next year.  Mothers had the opportunity to buy plaited tresses of garlic or onions, terracotta pots, pans and dishes. The festivities also include entertainment in the form of comedians, acrobats, popular games (the Pallio de la Lotta), musical concerts and  it concludes with an impressive fireworks display.


Other Events include:

2 June 2018 – Sapori di Primavera – Food and Wine Event

9th August 2018 – Calici Sotto Le Stelle

August – Festa dell’Immigrato

End of August – Festival delle Storie

3rd November 2018 – Il Gusto dell’Autunno – Food and Wine Event

Festa di La Madonna di Loreto – 10 December

A religious festival with songs at dawn –the “Mattutino” in the cathedral

8th December 2018 – Christmas Market, Piazza Matteotti

8th December – Streghe Briganti e Miracolo di Santi

Christmas – Un Paese Nel Natale


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