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Settefrati is situated between the towns of San Donato VDC and Picinisco, at an altitude of  850 metres, on the eastern side of the Val di Comino. From here there are stunning views across the valley and behind it is the dramatic backdrop of the Mainarde Mountains.   The inhabitants of this small town are known as Settefratesi.  Settefrati takes its names from the seven sons of Santa Felicita. The town is located within the National Park of Abruzzo, Lazio e Molise.


The Tower and Church of Santo Stefano

At the highest point of the town stands the remains of a 12th / 13th century tower. This all that is left of the ancient castle,  together with a few sections of the old fortified town wall. The tower was damaged by the earthquake of 1915 and during the events of the Second World War. Near the tower stands a beautiful linden tree, a symbol of this small mountain town.

Next to the tower is the church dedicated to Santo Stefano Promartire, which was founded in the 10th century but was remodeled during the Baroque era.  It contains several artistic works of the 19th and 2oth centuries.

A wide stairway leads down to the main square and the Town Hall. There is a cafe with some colourful murals under its arches. Other notable buildings within the town include the Palazzo Cardelli with the family symbol of a goldfinch, the Palazzo Gramegna and the Palazzo Venturini.


The Old Wash House

In the lower section of the town there is an old communal wash house dating from 1800’s, where the womenfolk of the village would congregate to do their laundry.


The War Memorial


A Photo Tour of the Old Town

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