The Terra di Lavoro Region of Italy

The town of Atina was once situated in an ancient province known as Terra di Lavoro. One might be tempted to think that the name of Terra di Lavoro could be simply translated as Land of Work.  However it is thought that the region actually took its name from an ancient tribe known as the  Leborini who once inhabited this ancient fertile territory of Itri. It’s original name was Liburia. Then in the eleventh century the name was changed to Terra Laboris.  Over time the name further evolved until it finally became Terra di Lavoro.

The territory would have included the modern day regions of South Lazio, Northern Campania and a section of Molise. Terra di Lavoro became a province of the Bourbon Kingdom of Naples and Sicily and Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. The capital of the province was for some time the town of Capua, which was an ancient town founded by the Etruscans.


In 1818 the provincial capital became the city of Caserta, which is located approximately 40 kilometres north of Naples. The Bourbon kings chose Caserta as the location to construct a huge opulent royal palace or reggia. It was designed to rival the grand palace of Versailles which was situated on the outskirts of Paris. As a consequence the city of Caserta benefited greatly, as it grew both in size and importance. Subsequently this region also became known as the province of Caserta.


In 1927, during the time of the fascist regime, the province was finally abolished on the order of Benito Mussolini. From then onwards Atina became part of the province of Frosinone.

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