Traditional Crafts and Skills of the Val di Comino

Metalwork in Wrought Iron and Copper

The master blacksmiths of ancient Atina have been renowned for their skills in metalwork from ancient times. Around the town of Atina there are many examples of intricate wrought-iron work.

Articles in beaten copper work are also very typical of this area, an example is the copper water carrier la conca shown below.


La Conca and La Tina of Ciociaria

In times gone by there were typical types of vessels that were commonly used for transporting water in Ciociaria. These were often carried on the head:

La Conca :  This item takes its name from the Italian word conca which means a hollow cavity in the ground. It is a concave container made of copper.  It had a rather wide and has a wide funnelled opening at the top and two handles.

La Tina : This type of terracotta amfora had a rounded bulbous shape with a narrow neck, to lessen the possibility of spillage when carrying liquids.

Copper Conca of Ciocaria © Archivio Biblioteca di Atina
Copper Conca of Ciociaria © Louise Shapcott
Terracotta Tina of Ciociaria - Archivio Biblioteca di Atina

Other traditional crafts include:

Stone Masonry

Basket Making – using wicker or plant fibres

Cabinet Making and Woodwork – making chairs,  household utensils and implements, wooden farming tools 

Pottery – Making everyday terracotta objects such as amphorae, cooking pots, money boxes

Decorative Ceramics

Making Musical Instruments – wood turning to make wooden pipes of musical instruments such as the zampogna

Leather Work – making footware such as the traditional Cioce

Spinning and Weaving

Woolen Carpet Making



Lace Making

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