Val Di Comino from Via della Veduta Atina Italy © Louise Shapcott

photo © Louise Shapcott

Via Amerigo Vecchione and Via della Veduta

Adjacent to the square of Piazza Garibaldi there is a road junction with Via Amerigo Vecchione. Here, resting on a tall marble pillar, is a statue of the Madonna dell’Immacolata. An inscription at the base reads: “I figli di Atina alla Mamma Immacolata loro protettrice e difesa anno Mariano 1954 SS. Missioni Vincenziane”.

Via Amerigo Vecchione then joins Via della Veduta and its promenade with beautiful panoramic views of the Val di Comino and mountains beyond. At the far end of the promenade is a Roman column. Across the road is the shrine of the Madonna di Lourdes and San Benedetta.  Nearby a path leads up to the verdant park of the hill of Santo Stefano, and the remains of an ancient acropolis and a medieval castle. There is also a path that leads to the shrine known as the Madonnella.

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