Church of Santi Giovanni Battista e Evangelista Vicalvi Italy © Louise Shapcott

photo © Louise Shapcott

Churches of Vicalvi

 Church of Santi Giovanni Battista and Evangelista

The Church of Santissimi Giovanni Battista e Evangelista is situated in Piazza Municipo. The interior is decorated in a Baroque style with frescoes on the vault, and it has a wooden pulpit.


Convent of San Francesco

San Francesco, St Francis of Assisi, after a brief stop at Monte Cassino, arrived in the Valle di Comino where he remained for some time. In 1222 he founded the convent in Vicalvi which is immersed in a woodland of oaks and chestnut trees. The saint also founded an oratory on the shores of the lake of Posta Fibreno. The convent still holds some objects that belonged to the saint’s daily life. Firstly there is part of  hood of rough gray wool that he is said to have worn. There is also a piece of wood that was used as a pillow and a wooden crucifix dating from the 1oth century. In addition there is a marble container called il Botticino di San Francesco.

A legend says that one day, just as he was praying, an angel appeared with an ampoule containing clear water to remind him that his soul and heart were also limpid. This vision is depicted in a painting in the Capella dell’Angelo in the convent.

The convent still hosts a small community of Franciscan friars. It can be visited by prior appointment.

Convent of San Francesco in Vicalvi Italy © Lauro Apruzzese


Church of San Rocco

The small church of San Rocco can be found along the road that leads to Alvito.


The Remains of the Church of San Pietro

Church of San Pietro in Vicalvi Italy © Antonio Iacobelli


 The Ruined Church of San Nicandro

The Church of San Nicandro was founded in the 4th century. It held the relics of the saint, who was martyred during the rule of Emperor Diocletian, and became a place of pilgrimage. It is located near the Borgo di Vicalvi.


 Abandoned Church of Sant’Antonio Abate

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