The Castle of Vicalvi in the Val di Comino Italy © Tonino Bernardelli

photo © Tonino Bernardelli

Vicalvi in the Val Di Comino

Vicalvi is a small village which rests on a hill on the slopes of  Monte Marone at a height of approx. 590 meters. The territory of Vicalvi includes the villages and hamlets of Delicata, Centro Storico, Colle D’Agnese, Mortale, Maschiuna, Castellana, Palombo, Borgo, S. Francesco, Colle Flonio

The Medieval Castle of Vicalvi

In the higher reaches of the town there are magnificent views of the Val di Comino and Sora basin. At the highest point there are the remains of a mighty fortress which formed part of a defense chain to protect the Val di Comino from invasion. It is easily recognizable as it is marked with a large red cross which was painted on by the Germans during World War II.

The castle was repeatedly restructured over the years.  Evidence of these several phases of construction can still be seen today in the ruins. The castle has a large courtyard and still has three walls interspersed with towers, chimneys and has several mullioned windows, some of which have been walled up. In the large hall, there is a fireplace and  traces of ancient frescoes. There is also the remains of a baronial chapel (15th-16th century) which was dedicated to the Immacolate Conception. It has a fresco of the Madonna Nera and Child.

The structure is need of restoration. Sadly the castle is not generally open to the public, however you can walk around the perimeter. You can also see many ruined houses of the ancient abandoned village.


Photos of the Old Town of Vicalvi


Piazza Municipo of Vicalvi

In Piazza Municipo stand the Church of Santi Giovanni Battista and Evangelista and the Old Town Hall which has a War Memorial attached to its facade. This building is now used as the Municipal Library.  Whereas the new Town Hall is located in the lower section of town in Piazza Giovanni Paolo Secondo.