Zampogna Player Festival of the Zampogna in Villa Latina Italy

The Zampogna and Traditional Musical Instruments

The Zampogna is a type of reeded bag-pipe typically played by shepherds of Ciociaria. The air sacks are made of tanned goat or sheep skin, which are turned inside out.  The flutes are commonly carved of olive wood. The ciaramella or piffero is another reed instrument, rather like an oboe, which has a loud and somewhat piercing sound. During the Christmas season the shepherds would come down to the valley to play their traditional festive music to herald pending birth of the Christ child.

The Museum of the Zampogna

In the hamlet of Pacitti of Villa Latina, close to Atina, has for many years become associated with the skilled production of this traditional instrument. There is a museum and workshop dedicated to this musical instrument. Sadly the museum is rarely open to visitors.

The Festival of the Zampogna in Villa Latina in the Val di Comino

Each year the Festival della Zampogna is held in the Pacitti district of Villa Latina. This event was started in the 1980’s by the master musician Cesare Perilli.  During the day there are free performances at the Zampogna Museum and also groups of musicians mingle together and have improvised jamming“sessions which create a tuneful cacophony of sound. In the square there are also stalls exhibiting and selling a whole host of hand crafted musical instruments and local produce. In the evening there are performances of groups of musicians. The 2018 festival was held on 12th August 2018 in Villa Latina. This was the 13th edition. 

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